Shimmering Beasts

Laviolette Bridge
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A Sideways Survey of Current Québec Cinema
curated by Neil Young, film-critic (The Hollywood Reporter, Sight & Sound) and festival programmer

...  Montreal is ours
We invented this city
This city of the North with its funny voice
This funny North American city with its French voice
We invented this baroque city with courage
With the blood of poets and the cries in the eyes of the children
And the fatigue in the bodies of the workers
And the dresses of the girls and with our accent
And the city is ours and it resembles us and the city speaks French
And we dreamed this city with thousands of pages of poetry
And we don’t ask questions
Nor do we answer your questions in English anymore
Because we will say to you

– Pauline Harvey



Jeune/Sauvage (77 min) - 08.09. / 21h30 @ Apolo 
L’Ouragan Fuck You Tabarnak ! (Ara Ball, 2013)
La Peau sauvage (Ariane Louis-Seize, 2016)
Star (Emilie Mannering, 2015)
Les Beiges (Etienne Lacelle, 2016)
Mutants (Alexandre Dostie, 2016)

Nouvelles expériences (66 min) - 09.09. / 21h30 @ Apolo 
Forward Looking Statements (Thomas Kneubühler, 2014)
Ceci est un message officiel (Matthew Rankin, 2015)
If ou le rouge perdu (Marie-Helene Turcotte, 2016)
March 2nd (Thomas Kneubühler, 2015)
Oh What a Wonderful Feeling (Francois Jaros, 2014)
Mynarski chute mortelle (Matthew Rankin, 2014)
Relocation (FPIC) (Thomas Kneubühler, 2014)
Andrew Keegan déménage (Justine Harbonnier, 2016)
Le silence fait peur aux brutes (Etienne Boulanger, 2017)
Switch (Thomas Kneubühler, 2009)

Diego Star (95 min) - 10.09. / 21h30 @ Apolo 
Drame de fin de soirée (Patrice Laliberté, 2016)
Diego Star (Frederick Pelletier, 2013)